Small Hostas

A recent development for hostas has been the introduction of a series of miniature and small hostas to the marketplace. According to the American Hosta Society, to be classified as a miniature hosta, the leaf size is generally no larger than six inches in area at maturity. To measure the area, multiply the leaf blade width by the leaf blade length. Generally the plant should be at least five years old and the plant stem or petiole is not considered in the measurement. Small hostas are larger than mini hostas but are still small enough to look nice planted alongside miniatures. As mature plants, small hostas generally range from six to ten inches in height.  Interest has grown in miniature hostas because of their versatility in the garden and the wide variety of minis that can be purchased. For example, one can use miniatures or small hostas in a planter or a strawberry pot. Some varieties that would be good for planters include Blue Mouse Ears, Cracker Crumbs and Lemontini. One can use them in a rock garden display or as a border for a rock wall or sidewalk. Stiletto or London Fog would be good choices here. Some hostas such as Lemon Lime or Venusta are fast growers and can even be used as ground covers.  For those who have limited spaces one can plant a miniature bed or create a raised bed of miniatures. Even three or four foot square area could house ten or fifteen different varieties comfortably. To create height and depth within the miniature garden planting, one can use mini hostas in front and small hostas in the background of the bed.  As far as color choices, miniature hostas tend to have a similar color scheme as the larger varieties. Therefore you can choose minis or smalls in yellow, blue or green and a large variety of variegated combinations of green, blue, yellow and white. At the Hosta Hideaway of York Springs we sell at least 50 different varieties of miniature and small hostas for your gardening needs. Below are a series of pictures that show how mini and small plants can be used to enhance your gardens and to facilitate the enjoyment of your garden spaces.