Large Hostas

Large and giant hostas make the biggest statement in a garden. A large hosta generally is defined as having a clump height of between 19 to 27 inches while a giant hosta is over 30 inches and some can reach 48 inches high and the clump can reach over 6 feet in width. Most of the time a large or giant hosta is planted toward the back of a garden to create height and a back border to the garden space. However, larger hostas can make a major statement as a standalone plant. Most people who have a large or giant hosta in their garden most likely have a ‘Sum and Substance’ or ‘Blue Angel” hosta. ‘Sum and Substance’ is a giant light green hosta and it tends to do well in a brighter garden spot while ‘Blue Angel’ has large blue leaves and does well in more shady areas. If you are planting multiple large hostas along a back border we encourage also planting some variegated varieties such as ‘Pauls Glory’ or ‘Sagae’. Two giant hostas that are impressive specimens are ‘Empress Wu’ and ‘Victory’. The hosta ‘Empress Wu” is presently one of the largest cultivated hosta on the market and it can reach over four feet tall at maturity. The plant also has beautiful two foot deeply veined blue green leaves and the clump size can reach well over six feet in diameter. ‘Victory’ is a variegated variety that also has massive leaves at maturity and it is one of those plants that can be spotted from a distance in any garden. If you want the height of a large or giant hosta without the width then consider ‘Krossa Regal’, ‘Regal Splendor’ or ‘World Cup’. Both ‘Regal Splendor’ and ‘World Cup’ are “Hostas of the Year”. ‘World Cup’ has bright golden rippled and cupped leaves and has been a Hosta Hideaway favorite for a long time.

If you have two very large planting containers I think that planting a giant hosta in each container as the entrance to a garden or driveway can make a real statement. Longtime customers of the Hosta Hideaway planted a ‘Komodo Dragon’ in planters on each side of the driveway and they are real showcase plants as you enter the property. I oftentimes use large or giant hostas in elevated planters to give height to the garden or to create an impressive centerpiece to the planting space. Come visit our gardens to visualize the versatility and usefulness of large and giant hostas in your garden. The Hosta Hideaway of York Springs has a great selection of large and giant hostas including all of the hostas mentioned in this post for your garden needs.