Garden Design

If you have a particular shade/part shade space or garden where you need some assistance in planning out the area, we would be glad to help. For smaller areas, we encourage our patrons to bring a drawing of the space. Please include the measurements of the area and any specific plants or other features that will influence how the area will be planted. When you come to the Hosta Hideaway we will help you lay out the space with different hostas that will enhance your gardens. We have years of experience pairing many different hostas within a variety of garden areas. However, we find that each customer adds their likes to the decision making process and therefore each space tends to be a unique creation. If you have a larger area or think you may want some extended assistance, you may want to contact us ahead of time and come at an hour when you can have our undivided attention. We are glad to help our customers and therefore these basic services are free. For those who have a very large planting area, we can bring a large selection of plants and help lay out the garden at your property. We charge a small fee for this service depending on the size of the area you are planting and the distance we have to travel. Although we do not do the plantings, our customers have appreciated being able to have us help lay out their gardens. We certainly can lay out any size garden area while you are visiting the Hosta Hideaway. We have helped customers needing to pick out a specific hosta for a prominent garden space to customers needing assistance in planting an area that may require up to a hundred plants or more.  When you visit the Hosta Hideaway please let us know how we can best help meet your needs.