2018 EVENTS Call Donna for Details and Registration
May 8th:  The Susquehanna Hosta Society Meeting: 7pm, free – all are welcome
May 10th: Shade Container Class 7pm, Cost $30
May 17th: Shade Container Class 7pm, Cost $30
June 10th: Hypertufa leaf Casting         1 pm, Cost $30
June 24th: Hypertufa Stepping Stone 1 pm, Cost $30
July 15th: Hypertufa Planter 1 pm, Cost $30
July 29th, Garden Sign Paint and Take 1 pm, Cost $30
August 12th, Wooden Barn Quilt 1 pm, Cost $55

*BRING A FRIEND: We appreciate all of our customers and we want to thank each customer that brings a friend to the Hosta Hideaway with a small gift as a token of our appreciation. Make sure you mention it when you visit.

**GROUPS: Consider bringing a group to the Hosta Hideaway for a nice outing with friends. Garden clubs, societies, families or small business groups can enjoy a time together relaxing and having fun. Call Donna at 717-253-4830 to discuss how the Hosta Hideaway can make the outing fun and enjoyable.