We sell a large selection of statuary and other items for your garden. The Hosta Hideaway is a retailer for Campania International and therefore we have many pieces for sale on site. However, if you are interested in a special order, you can check out Campania’s catalog at the following link and then contact us for pricing. Additionally, each spring we place an order with Campania, so if you contact us before February 15th we can order your item and have it delivered in time for spring.


Additionally, we purchase selected pieces of statuary from a number of wholesalers so you can find that unique piece for your garden. We work hard to find unique custom artwork to enhance your landscape. We also sell planters and other garden finds such as metal benches and other sculpture items. The Hosta Hideaway is a unique find for your garden needs.

Adding Art and Statuary  to your Hosta Gardens 

At The Hosta Hideaway Nursery and Gardens of York Springs PA we think there are many reasons to consider adding art to your gardens, including statuary, unique benches and birdbaths, colorful planters, a trellis or arbor, one of a kind artist creations, and other unique garden finds, to make your gardens more personalized and interesting. Many people spend a significant amount of time picking out the right plants for the garden but then do not think about how art can enhance the different garden spaces. But if you think about how much fun it is to see garden art and statuary in estate gardens, it makes sense to create your own personalized art garden to enjoy. The exciting thing about adding art is that you can create the rules and reasons for adding specific pieces to your landscape. That being said, here are some tips to either help you get started or to help you develop your art spaces.

First, since garden art creates a focal point that draws the eye to specific areas of the garden, think about what areas in the landscape you want to highlight, and why. Sometimes adding a piece of statuary in the center of your plantings will automatically draw people into the garden, or if you add an art piece to a less traveled area it will increase the foot traffic to that space to investigate.

Additionally, garden art can set the mood you want to create in a specific area of the garden. Maybe you want to add a garden bench or an angel as a place for serenity or contemplation, or you can add planters brimming with flowers, birdbaths or feeders, to draw a variety of birds and produce vitality and movement. Or adding a fascinating piece of art can spark curiosity and creativity.

And, adding art to your gardens can showcase your personality within the landscape through highlighting your artistic or whimsical side. Sometimes you can add several pieces of art to create a specific type of garden. For example, we have added multiple frog statues to an area and it has become affectionately known as the frog garden. Or maybe you could start a specific collection that could be displayed in strategic places along the garden paths, such as different bird statues or interesting lighthouses. Some gardens are full of Japanese lanterns, turtles and other forest critter statues, bird houses, one of a kind artist creations, or anything that you may find exciting to collect and add to the garden landscape.

Finally, remember that gardens are constantly evolving so actually take some time to plan how you want to showcase art in your garden. Add statuary and other garden art to your landscape budget each year so you can add at least one piece each season. Remember also that garden art can be functional by adding benches, planters, arbors, feeders and birdbaths. So have fun for years to come by creating your own personal art garden.

And remember, The Hosta Hideaway Nursery and Gardens of York Springs, Pennsylvania is a great place to find both hostas and a large selection of statuary and other garden art for your landscape, so follow and share on Facebook, check out our website at thehostahideaway.com and come for a visit! We are open Monday to Saturday from April 15th until October 15th, and other times by appointment.