Garden Design

If you have a particular shade/part shade space or garden where you need some assistance in planning out the area, we would be glad to help. For smaller areas, we encourage our patrons to bring a drawing of the space. Please include the measurements of the area and any specific plants or other features that will influence how the area will be planted. When you come to the Hosta Hideaway, we will help you lay out the space with different hostas that will enhance your gardens. We have years of experience pairing many different hostas within a variety of garden areas. However, we also find it helpful to sit and talk about the garden space so that each customer adds their likes to the decision-making process, and therefore each space tends to be a unique creation. If you have a larger area or think you may want some extended assistance, you may want to contact us ahead of time and come at an hour when you can have our undivided attention. We are glad to help our customers and therefore these basic services are free. For those who have a very large planting area, we can bring a large selection of plants and help lay out the garden at your property. We charge a small fee for this service depending on the size of the area you are planting and the distance we have to travel. Although we do not do the plantings (we may make recommendations), our customers have appreciated being able to have us help lay out their gardens. We certainly can lay out any size garden area while you are visiting the Hosta Hideaway. We have helped customers needing to pick out a specific hosta for a prominent garden space to customers needing assistance in planting an area that may require up to a hundred plants or more.  When you visit the Hosta Hideaway, please let us know how we can best help meet your needs.

We hope that the following ideas will inspire you as you plan and design your gardens. Remember we can help you with plants and other garden features to create a unique garden sanctuary.

One way to create a themed garden is to plant hosta varieties that have names that can create a theme. For example, you could create a patriotic garden by planting hostas with patriotic names like “Liberty”, “Patriot”, “Victory” or “Minuteman” to name a few. You can get creative by adding flags or by also planting red, white and blue flowers. Can you name other hostas that would fit in this garden? Here are some ideas for other themed gardens. In a “naughty” garden you could plant hostas such as “Striptease”, “Risky Business” or “Marilyn Monroe”. Or for a “nautical” themed garden you could plant such hostas as “Hudson Bay”, “Tidewater”, “Humpback Whale” or “Queen of the Seas” as examples. In our nautical garden we have some of the hostas planted in an old rowboat to add some elevation. With over 8,000 hosta varieties there are many different themed gardens you can create to add interest to your garden spaces. Let us help you with themes and hosta ideas and statuary for your garden.

It is important to think about creating different focal points when planning your gardens. Certainly, you want to look over your whole garden and see its beauty, but you also want to scan your gardens and see areas that specifically catch your eye. There are many ways to create focal points including adding benches or other artwork. Unique or oversized planters are also great ideas. Of course, a giant hosta can also be a major focus. And statuary is often used as a focal point in the hosta garden. Usually, when you see a piece of statuary in a garden that is a focal point it evokes some type of reaction like “that is cute”, or “that is unusual”. You want to evoke some type of reaction or positive emotion in people viewing the feature. We use focal points all over the gardens to draw people into different areas so they can experience the uniqueness of each space. Here are a few pointers- it is helpful to elevate statuary or art pieces so that the hosta leaves act as a base. You can use stones or purchase a stand to provide elevation. Sometimes creating a theme with the pieces you are using helps create interest and focus. For example, you may want to add several statues of animals typically found in the woods in your area, or you may want to add items that are typically found in a Japanese garden such as pagodas or Japanese lanterns. Also, with large hostas use larger statuary or art, and with smaller hostas use smaller pieces. Generally smaller statues cost between $30-$100, and larger statues between $100-$300. Statues or other unique finds are great focal points, and are a reasonable investment for lasting beauty. But also be creative as there are many ways to create focal points. And remember, The Hosta Hideaway carries a large selection of statuary and art for your garden needs.

Not only do gardens showcase the beauty of creation, but gardens are also a place to be creative, and are a form of expression. And each part of our gardens can reflect a different side of who we are and what we may want to enjoy or share. The idea of a memorial garden is nothing new, as we all have passed by or visited a cemetery. A few years ago we went to Arlington National Cemetery where my uncle David is buried, and where JFK is also interred. There, we were able to reflect, but we also enjoyed the beautiful, landscaped gardens. So, why not create a memorial garden within your own garden space. We may want to create a memorial garden for the loss of a loved one or friend, or even a special pet. I suggest one of the best places to pick is within the hosta garden where you can spend time reflecting in the shade of an overlying tree. Start with a space that may be quiet or away from the other areas. Think about what you want the space to look like or to communicate. Maybe add a statue of an angel, a fountain, birdbath or even of a statue of dog or cat that will be that special reminder. Personally, I like to add a lot of medium and large hostas that will make the area look full and peaceful, a nice balance between thinking of those who have passed and the beauty of life. Here at The Hosta Hideaway we are always willing to consult in making your gardens an enjoyable place of serenity and peace – just ask.

Japanese gardens are some of the most beautiful and peaceful gardens to enjoy. However, developing your own Japanese garden takes significant skill, time, energy, and resources. But knowing the right elements to use in creating a Japanese space can help in developing uniqueness in your garden that at least has the style of a more traditional Japanese oasis. Common elements in Japanese styled gardens include water, including fountains, ponds, and streams, gravel and stone, rock, specific architecture, bridges, strolling paths, stone-lanterns and pagodas, statues, benches, fences and gates, and plants such as hostas, Japanese maples and pines, bamboo, moss, and flowers. The Japanese also utilize the natural contours of the landscape to develop flow and unique spaces.

Hostas are a natural plant selection for a Japanese garden because the plants are thought to have originated in the mountain slopes of Japan. And, according to the Seattle Japanese Garden website, hosta leaves are also represented in Japanese art and are displayed in Japanese architecture and landscape structures. Additionally, the hosta’s distinct foliage and flowers provide color and beauty for the Japanese garden throughout the growing season. The bell-shaped blooms also attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees, an important aspect of oriental gardening.

Adding a few elements from a Japanese garden can help create unique scenery in your garden where you can find peace and tranquility. Here at The Hosta Hideaway, we can help you to design a garden utilizing aspects from Japanese gardens such as hostas, statuary, lanterns, pagodas, benches, fountains, planters, and other unique garden finds.