Getting to know our staff, Donna Seitz, owner of The Hosta Hideaway (THH)
Nursery and Gardens of York Spring, Pa.
Donna, what are your primary responsibilities at THH? As the owner, I like to
make sure that I am one of the first people our customer’s meet as they enter the
nursery and one of the last people they interact with before they leave.
Therefore, I try to greet everyone and to get to know them as they become our
customers year after year. On the business side I handle a large percentage of
the paperwork and ordering for THH.
What do you like most about running THH? By far it is seeing longstanding
customers each year and meeting new hosta enthusiasts. Our customers are the
best and they are so supportive of our vision for the nursery and of our business.
Additionally, I do enjoy the hosta gardens and the wildlife the gardens support.
And I try to be intentional each day to appreciate the gardens. I also like taking
photos of the gardens, and the butterflies and the birds. 
What do you look forward to each spring? I truly enjoy seeing the hostas emerge
and the gardens come to life each spring, and of course that brings the
opportunity to see our hosta friends when they visit.
What might be something that the customers at THH do not know about you? My
faith is an important aspect of who I am and I hope that my light shines in all that
I do and say at THH. I am also a bird watching enthusiast, I like to bake and I
also like to travel.
Donna, what did you do before THH? I was a piano player and teacher, an
antique business owner and dealer, and a homeschooling mom.
Donna, do you have any final thoughts about THH that you would like to share? I
never dreamed when we started THH seventeen years ago that it would have
grown into the business it is today, and we are so thankful for the love and
support our customers have shown to us. Additionally, I cannot imagine loving
and enjoying my work more than what I do.
For additional information about The Hosta Hideaway check out our website
at and follow us on Facebook for the latest information,
and we will see you when we reopen for the season mid-April 2024.