Getting to know the staff at The Hosta Hideaway Nursery and Gardens of York
Springs PA, Chuck Seitz, General Manager (GM).
Chuck, what are your primary responsibilities at THH? One of my primary roles is
running Hideaway Metalworks, which creates unique metal garden art for the
THH. Additionally, I am the primary problem solver for the business including
when something needs constructing or
repair, and I am the heavy lifter when needed. And each year I take on more
responsibilities and I continue to learn about all aspects of the business.
What do you like most about working at THH? I find working at THH fascinating
because each day brings something new and different to do, and there are
always interesting customers to meet and to discover their interests and
passions. I also like to talk to other artists who have a
passion for creating outdoor art.
What do you look forward to each spring? Each spring I look forward to creating
new garden art that I can share with our customers. It is exciting when someone
can envision my art in their gardens, and I appreciate seeing how a sculpture is
incorporated into their landscape.
Chuck, what might be something that the customers at THH do not know about
you? I am an avid reader and I enjoy listening to podcasts on a wide variety of
topics. I also have a wide range of interests and hobbies including rock climbing,
hiking, cooking, and target shooting. Recently I have been attracted to trying to
bring people together in small groups to share similar interests,
to develop new friendships, and to support each other in life’s journey.
What did you do before THH? I held a number of different jobs after graduating
from college with a marketing degree including being a machinist, a small engine
mechanic, and a swimming instructor. At some point though I realized that I could
utilize my skills in helping to run THH.
Chuck, do you have any final thoughts about THH that you would like to share? It
is such a unique and enjoyable journey working at THH and watching the
business grow in so many ways year after year. And I am thankful to be a part of
something so unique and special where I enjoy what I do, and where I get to
meet so many enthusiastic people who appreciate gardening, hostas and garden