Getting to know the staff at The Hosta Hideaway Nursery and Gardens of York
Springs PA, Weasel the Cat, Chief Administrative Tabby (CAT).
Weasel, what are your primary responsibilities at THH? I really do not have any
responsibilities at THH, but I do like to be cute and to entertain people. Also, I
find it quite humorous that people are so enamored with me that they just have to
pet my stunning fur. And it is even funnier when after about three seconds I take
a friendly love swipe at their hand and watch their surprised expressions as they
weave away from my outstretched paw. Feel free to look at me in amazement,
but be prepared if you try to touch.
What do you like most about working at THH? Okay, let’s be clear, I do not really
do any work at THH as that is way beneath my status and role in life. However, I
find pleasure in seeing how the people who do work here jump and rush to get
me food anytime I hang around my food dish. But I am a picky eater so I like
sticking my nose up in the air and acting as if I am not interested until they serve
me the most choice of meals.  
What do you look forward to each spring? Each spring I look forward to hiding
when people who like cats come to THH and then I listen from afar to how
disappointed they are that they did not get to see my beautiful self. But, if you are
special and buy plenty of hostas, I might hang around long enough to greet you
before I take my late morning stroll or my mid-afternoon nap.
Weasel, what might be something that the customers at THH do not know about
you? Well, I do not think that everyone knows that I was abandoned during the
pandemic and that I manipulated the owners of THH into taking me in and in
fulfilling all of my wishes and desires. And I heard that is how I got my name
because they said that I “weaseled” my way into their lives. I also am an avid bird
watcher, and I also find rabbits and squirrels quite interesting.
What did you do before THH? Well, I was a rodent patrol officer for a while and at
my last home I learned to be a sleep specialist, and I am actually still a practicing
sleep specialist even today.  I also started my modeling career before coming to
THH and therefore I keep active by allowing my current owners to take cute and
amusing pictures of me.
Weasel, do you have any final thoughts about THH that you would like to share?
I know that I am the most important thing at THH and that people come from all
over the Eastern United States just to see me. And I would like to share a secret

with you. I just love hostas because they are such a wonderful plant and the
larger ones provide great shade for me during the hot summer days. There are
also plenty of cat statues at THH so you can buy one to remember me by after
you leave. And if you want to see me in person you can visit me Monday thru
Friday 9AM to 6PM, and Saturday 9AM to 3PM, mid-April to Mid-October.