Speaking of Hostas: Here are five health benefits of planting and tending a hosta garden presented by The Hosta Hideaway Nursery and Gardens of York Springs PA.

1. Working in your garden is a good source of exercise, which can improve your quality of life and can promote better sleep habits.

2. Tending a garden increases creativity and can reduce stress. Developing a routine through regular garden maintenance and watering, and developing new skills and knowledge in planting and growing hostas can increase healthy brain functioning.

3. Gardening can increase social interactions through sharing the beauty of your garden with others or through joining a local garden club or hosta society

4. Spending time in the garden improves overall health because getting some sun helps your body produce vitamin D, which is beneficial for strong bones and a strong immune system. Studies have also connected gardening to reduced anxiety and depression.

5. And gardening improves personal satisfaction and mindfulness through developing a sense of accomplishment in creating a beautiful garden and in improving your environment.

So these are five more reasons to visit The Hosta Hideaway and to see the hundreds of varieties of hostas and the vast selection of statuary and garden art we have for sale, so improve your health by coming for a visit, and bring a friend!